Under the Light of a Quarter Moon CD

Under the Light of a Quarter Moon CD
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14 songs written and recorded over the last four years during what Antsy has described as the most prolific, creative growth spurt of his life. Started with his friend and collaborator Pete Huttlinger, Antsy took the production reigns himself when Pete died in 2016. The album and book of the same name (available in our book section) is dedicated to Pete's memory. If you liked Time-Sweetened Lies, you will love this album. 

Track listing:

1. Anywhere but Limbo   3:29  sample

2. Watercolor Sky   6:16   sample

3. Nobody   3:05   sample

4. No More Wishful Thinking   2:56   sample

5. I Wait For You   3:21   sample

6. Time Machine   2:37   sample

7. Holding On To You   3:05   sample

8. Rebound   3:08   sample

9. My Own Way   3:01   sample

10. Autumn Rain   3:11   sample

11. Over You   2:24   sample

12. At Home in Your Love   3:14   sample

13. I’m Gonna Be Happy If it Kills Me  2:42   sample

14. Clover Leaf of Time   8:15   sample

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