Way Cool World - CD OUT OF STOCK. Download Only.

Way Cool World - CD OUT OF STOCK. Download Only.
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2000. The first album produced by Antsy McClain in a fit of fierce independence from the music industry, these 15 songs combine humor with intelligence and heart to make a long-standing fan favorite.
1. Trailer on the Bayou sample
2. Way Cool World sample
3. My Baby Whistles When She Walks sample
4. Prelude to a Storm 
5. If the Trailer Ain't Level sample
6. Primer Grey Impala sample
7. Mobile sample
8. Spit Cup 
9. Mom's Tattoo sample
10. Custom-made Airbrushed License Plate sample
11. Jailbird Beauty sample
12. She's Better Looking When You're Lonely sample
13. What Could I Be Doing (That Could Be Any Better Than This?) sample
14. Inspector 372 sample
15. Have You Never Been Mellow?

The first album released independently in 2000, after the label to which they were signed closed their doors. This album is upbeat and positive, despite the turmoil the band was going through at the time. Way Cool World starts to incorporate more serious songwriting by Antsy McClain, who also takes over as producer.

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