New Good Old Days

New Good Old Days
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Upbeat and happy songs for this difficult time, New Good Old Days spreads a message of fun, saying that despite all the struggles we have in life, it's an amazing journey and we need to continue making good memories with our friends and family. Recorded across the country in Nashville, Kentucky, California and Texas, this is one of Antsy's personal favorites. Fat, inventive horn sections (played and arranged by "Loose Bruce" Wandmayer) round out this rocking collection of songs, and contribute to the feeling of happiness and gratitiude McClain feels as he takes his music to the road.

Produced by Antsy McClain


1. Right Side of the Dirt (Cajun Version) sample

2. Another Happy Song sample
3. The Blah Blah Song sample
4. When You're Laughing sample
5. New Good Old Days sample
6. The Junk Drawer of Your Heart sample
7. The Bathroom Songwriter sample
8. Twitchin' (That's What I Do) sample
9. The Last Man on Earth to Get the Cooties sample
10. Good Times Roll sample
11. Jenny's Jungle Room sample
12. All in the Trip sample
13. A Life Like Ours sample
14. The Big Time sample
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