Live at The Palms Playhouse

Live at The Palms Playhouse
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Antsy McClain performs at one of his favorite venues with the California-based Trailer Park Troubadours (Loose Bruce Wandmayer, Dacron Dan Becker, Hot Rod Todd McMasters, Gary "Garage Sale" Tackett, Terry "The Train" Domingue and Derek "Banjovi" Bodkin. Also features guest appearance by Joe Craven.
Set One:
1. Introduction
2. Living in Aluminum  LISTEN to SAMPLE
3. Put Them Demons on a Treadmill
4. One Less Trailer
5. Prozac Made Me Stay
6. Mostly Pity
7. I Was Just Flipped Off by a Silver Haired Old Lady With a 'Honk If You Love Jesus' Sticker on the Bumper of Her Car
8. Right Side of the Dirt  LISTEN to SAMPLE
9. Don't Go On Jerry Springer, Baby  LISTEN to SAMPLE
10. Trailer Judy
11. Cubic Zirconium in the Rough
12. I Married Up
Set Two:
1. Having a Good Time Tonight
2. Field Trip
3. My Baby Whistles When She Walks  LISTEN to SAMPLE
4. Nobody Listens to Me
5. Rain Dance  LISTEN to SAMPLE
6. The Big Time  LISTEN to SAMPLE
7. I'm Everyone
8. Trailer Park in Heaven
9. Outroduction
10. Falling in Love in America
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