The Beige Album Songbook

The Beige Album Songbook
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Liner notes and scrapbook photos from the making of The Beige Album

Easy guitar chords and lyrics to:

1. Let The Little Things Go

2. Right Side of the Dirt

3. A Better Past

4. Old Dogs and Guitars

5. Upgrade 

6. Keeping the Faith

7. Overpass of Life

8. The Two Minute Song

9. It's a Good Thing We're in Love 

10. Always in Tune

11. Mom and Pop Don't Work Here Anymore

12. Mom and Pop Jam

13. My Old Kentucky Home Revisited

14. Don't Go Looking Back That Way

15. Charla's Motel 6

16. A Good Wishing Song

17. Just Getting Started

18. I'm Everyone 

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