Doublewide & Dangerous Songbook

Doublewide & Dangerous Songbook
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Liner notes and scrapbook photos from the making of Doublewide & Dangerous

Easy guitar chords and lyrics to:

1. One Less Trailer Here in Pine View Heights
2. Having a Good Time Tonight
3. Aunt Beula's Road Kill Overcoat
4. It Ain't Home ( 'Til You Take the Wheels Off )
5. The Croquet King
6. Skinny Women Ain't Hip
7. Trailer Park Princess
8. The Folkabilly Shuffle
9. Run With Scissors
10. The Wreck of the Bookmobile
11. Trailer Park in Heaven
12. Mud Wrasslin' at Pinky's
13. The Clapper Song
14. Redneck Aphrodisiac
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